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People who like the great outdoors, kite surfers, and windsurfers, as well as Instagrammers, all have their unique reasons for appreciating Bloubergstrand. It should come as no surprise that living in Bloubergstrand, which is more generally referred to as Blouberg, is a wonderful experience because of the spectacular winds, views that cry to be Instagrammed, and welcoming beach vibes.


This beachfront suburb of the City of Cape Town, South Africa, along the shores of Table Bay, is situated approximately 15 kilometres straight north of the city centre of Cape Town. It takes roughly 30 minutes to drive from Blouberg to Cape Town International Airport during normal traffic conditions. The city centre of Cape Town is around 20 kilometres away. This route can also take up to half an hour, depending on traffic. Just 6.9 kilometres west of Bloubergstrand you will find Robben Island.


Table Bay is located in the southwestern corner of South Africa. The adjacent hill known as Blaauwberg (231 metres) inspired the name Bloubergstrand, which derives from its literal meaning in Afrikaans as “blue mountain beach.”


The Goringhaikonas, led by “Harry die Strandloper” (also known as Hadah), were the earliest known residents of Bloubergstrand. Hadah, whose birth name was Autshumao, was brought to Java in 1629 by the captain of the ship London so that he might be instructed in the English language. Because of the responsibility placed on him, he became South Africa’s first postmaster and was tasked with delivering mail to the country’s growing British naval community.


The Blouberg coastline has been pivotal in the recent history of South Africa. The battle for Blouberg Hill, between British expedition forces led by General Sir David Baird and Dutch East India forces led by General Janssens, marked the beginning of the second British occupation of the Cape. Even now, you can see the remains of this battle on Blouberg Hill, which is a very large hill.

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Living in Bloubergstrand


Residents of Blouberg, like most Western Cape locals, relish the region’s typically hot and dry summers. During December through February, the average high temperature is in the high 20s to low 30s. Temperatures are around the high teens during the winter (June–August). The rainiest season in Blouberg is the winter.


Blouberg’s sloping dunes on the Atlantic coast are a part of the Cape’s flora, which together make up the Cape floral kingdom and are known for their incredible variety and abundance of plant life. Over the past few years, Blouberg as a whole has grown and changed significantly. Parklands, the neighbourhood immediately behind Blouberg, is the fastest-growing region in all of sub-Saharan Africa, having emerged fully formed in just three years. Building a hotel, water park, golf course, and other attractions are all on the horizon for Blouberg.


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Amenities in Bloubergstrand


If you happen to be a resident of Blouberg, you’ll be happy to know that there are numerous retail centres within easy driving distance. Close by commercial centres are Seaside Village Shopping Centre and Eden on the Bay Mall. Blouberg locals have access to Table Bay Mall, West Coast Village Shopping Centre, and several smaller malls within a short commute.


As many have said, Blouberg is a veritable heaven for foodies, and it certainly isn’t lacking in dining establishments. On The Rocks is a popular breakfast destination, and if you happen to be there on a clear day, you must snap a photo of the stunning vista of the beach and Table Mountain for your Instagram feed. 


One more popular and old establishment is Ons Huisie. Frederick Louis Stadler, for whom Stadler Road is named, once lived here, and the house has been renovated into a restaurant serving fresh fish. The Lighthouse Restaurant at the Blue Peter Hotel is another local landmark, famous for its ocean-fresh seafood, beautiful views, and excellent service.


Private medical care is readily available in Blouberg for those who require it at Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital. 


Many public and private schools serve the needs of Blouberg’s families. Blouberg Ridge Primary School, Elkanah House Preparatory School, and Table View Primary School are all excellent options for local elementary education. Bloubergrant High School, Parklands College, Elkanah House High School, and Table View High School are only a few of the options for secondary education in the area. 


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Bloubergstrand, albeit primarily a residential area, is a popular destination for tourists, especially those who enjoy kitesurfing. Bloubergstrand Beach, one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world, also offers a classic vista of Table Mountain across the water.

Robben Island is located only 6.9 km west of Bloubergstrand, a picturesque beach neighbourhood that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and provides visitors with breathtaking views of Robben Island and Table Mountain.

At Bloubergstrand, the water is a refreshing 57 degrees Fahrenheit. If the sun comes out as expected, a well-sealed spring wetsuit should be fine for surfing. Some surfers even like to wear gloves and boots out on the waves.

In January of 1865, the Robben Island lighthouse was officially opened to the public. The 18-story circular tower was constructed from local stone and was planned by Colonial Engineer John Scott Tucker.

While the regular swims between Robben Island and the mainland are only between 7.4 and 11 kilometres in distance, the chilly water temperature has made swimming on Robben Island difficult even for experienced swimmers.