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Tokai, named after Tokaj, a historical town in Hungary where Tokaji wine is made, is located on the slopes of the Constantiaberg and is surrounded by Bergvliet to the east, Constantia to the north, Steenberg and Kirstenhof to the south, and the Tokai pine tree plantations against the mountain to the west.

Most of the smallholdings and farms that formerly dotted the landscape have vanished, leaving just a few scattered plots of land that can be found From Morningside and Forest Glade to Cornuta or Norfolk,

Cape Movers furniture removals is one of the best moving companies in Tokai.

Our major emphasis is on transferring residents and businesses in and around Cape Town, and suburbs like Tokai. Our professional crew and well maintained fleet is at your doorstep to make your move easy and stress free.

Our drivers are licensed, professional, insured, and dedicated and they work together with the rest of the crew to make moving, packing, and unpacking a snap.

Boasting a densely inhabited forest and being the only area in the world where Cape Flats Sand Fynbos can be found, Tokai is a well-known suburb of Cape Town in the Western Cape, highly regarded mostly for its natural beauty and peaceful lifestyle. Sand Plain Fynbos, a severely endangered plant species found exclusively in Cape Town, is also known as Cape Flats Sand Fynbos. Many Protea and Erica species are unique to Cape Flats Sand Fynbos and are found nowhere else in the world. Seasonal wetlands spring up in many parts of the area during the winter, and mists often blanket the landscape.

If you’re looking for a stress-free relocation, be it local or national, we can help. No matter how far you’re moving, we’ll take a dedicated, customer-focused approach to make the experience fun and exciting for you.

From nearby Constantia to Muizenberg, about a 20 minute drive away, we have your move covered. it is our mission to make your move hassle-free and ensure your belongings end up at you new home safe and secure.

Once settled, we hope you and your visitors can enjoy the numerous attractions and superb lifestyle offered in Tokai.

Get to know Zwaanswyk, a rural neighborhood on Constantiaberg’s hills, known for its large residences and even a few Cape Dutch homes. There are so many postboxes at this intersection that it has become a renowned tourist attraction.

People, bicycles, dogs, and horses all use the Tokai Lower Forest Walk’s newly constructed circular path. Accessing the parking area and boardwalk from Orpen Road or Dennedal West Avenue, residents and tourists alike enjoy the river, several jungle gyms and swings, and a four-kilometer course in the area.

The Book Shoppe, frequent food markets, excellent restaurants, and the Steenberg Wine Estate, located in the Steenberg Mountains’ foothills, add to the village-like feel of the town.

Also nearby is the famous Pollsmoor Prison, where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners were held for four years, before he was transferred to Robben Island.

We also offer moving services in Table View and Fish Hoek.

  • Plates: It is recommended that plates be packed upright in small to medium-sized boxes lined with crumpled packing paper on both ends of the box. Using bubble wrap, attach each plate by taping it in place. Between each plate, place a sheet of paper.
  • Glasses: To minimise vacant space, lay crumpled paper within bigger sheets of packing paper and wrap each glass separately. Packing paper should be used to line the top and bottom of small and medium-sized boxes. Put the heaviest objects at the bottom of the box, and the lighter ones at the top of it.
  • Frames and pictures: Stack them in small to medium-sized boxes with crumpled paper between each one. Packing paper is a good idea for frames. Add extra packing paper on top of the frames to keep them from moving about in the box.
    Lamps: The flat side of the lamp shade should be placed on the bottom of the box and padded with a lot of paper. If required, the bases may be packed in a big box and bubble-wrapped if necessary.
  • Flat Screens: Remove all cables and pack in their own box. Tape the moving blanket around the device to keep the screen safe. Put it in the box and tape it shut. Make sure that the package is the right size for the screen.

Notify all of your affected service providers of your upcoming relocation. Make sure your former house’s utility bills are paid up to date. Double-check your new home’s power meter to ensure that the previous owner made all of his or her electric bill payments as well. Always make sure that your utility accounts are cancelled and that the records indicate that you are no longer residing in the area before making the move.

Government agencies like SARS and the Post Office will need to know you have moved, as well as where to. Do the same with your bank and insurance company. Inform publications with which you have subscriptions about your new mailing address.

While your furniture, major appliances, and boxes are being moved, it’s a good idea to temporarily store any valuables or breakables is a self-storage unit. Keep your fine wines, flat-screen TVs, gym equipment, paintings and jewellery safe until you are ready to unpack them. Store larger items like lounge suites and extra appliances that you are not sure you want to get rid off until you can make a stress-free decision.

To avoid harm to their fragile electrical components, tiny gadgets like clocks, radios, and radio clocks need to be well-padded before transportation. Small appliances should be wrapped with a multilayered paper wrap designed to protect more delicate goods like glass and crystal. Wrap any detachable components or accessories in separate pieces of paper if possible.