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Camps Bay is an area of Cape Town, South Africa, located on the Cape Peninsula. Originally known as Kamps Baai, it was a potential site for the future harbour of Cape Town. Found just before Clifton’s four beaches, the suburb is one of the city’s liveliest and most fashionable neighbourhoods.

The Twelve Apostles and Lion’s Head, on the opposite side of Table Mountain, provide a stunning backdrop. It’s become popular with vacationers because of the convenient proximity of its many attractions, including dining options, nightlife venues, services, lodging options, and a stunning beach.

The entire Twelve Apostles Mountain Range, including the area now known as Camps Bay, was covered in dense forest and teemed with species before the Dutch arrived in 1652. Antelope, leopards, and even lions abounded in this region, which included the Kloof Nek and the Lion’s Head area. There is a diary entry from a Dutchman who climbed Lions Head (then named Lions Hill) and had a terrifying encounter with a real lion at the peak.

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History of Camps Bay

Johan Wernich, married to Anna Koekemoer, originally owned Camps Bay. Wernich’s widow inherited the land in 1778. Anna quickly remarried a local sailor,  Frederick Ernst Von Kamptz. He  became the legal owner owhat was then referres to as Die Baai Van Kamptz.

People at the time whispered that Von Kamptz only married Anna for the land rather than love.

The name stuck, becoming Camps Bay.

Around the turn of the century in the late 19th century, Camps Bay became a popular gathering spot. It was a favourite site for affluent families and social climbers to impress with a picnic of crumpets, tea, and gin and tonics on the beachside lawns of the old resort town.

The Rotunda, which located among those green gardens and beaches, was the most popular social place of its time. The Rotunda is a Victorian-era dome-shaped building that hosted parties and gatherings for the upper class. Having been constructed in 1904, The Rotunda holds the distinction of being Cape Town’s oldest single-story dome building. Now a part of The Bay Hotel, it is regularly used to stage spectacular events.

Living in Camps Bay

The views from Camps Bay are breathtaking, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Cape Peninsula.

The homes here are of the finest quality, from modest bungalows to sprawling palaces. Each is only a short drive away from the beach. Apartments in prestigious buildings, gated communities, and brand-new construction are all available to prospective Camps Bay property purchasers.

Several five-star restaurants line the shoreline in Camps Bay, contributing to the area’s buzzing nightlife and international vibe.

Good public and private institutions of education and healthcare, as well as a wide variety of retail and leisure options, are all conveniently located.

Camps Bay’s coastline is a long strip of white sand fringed by palm trees, and along its length is a boulevard lined with sidewalk cafes, bistros, and restaurants specialising in Mediterranean fare, which contribute to the area’s trendy, international vibe. It buzzes throughout day and especially at night, when the hipsters of Cape Town come out to play.

Getting around in Camps Bay

You can either take the scenic Chapmans Peak Drive or the coastal road from Cape Town’s central business district westward around Table Mountain to get to Cmps Bay. Camps Bay and the Cape Town Civic Centre are connected by the MyCiti Busrapid service, which runs every 15 minutes, 18 hours a day. Walking is the best way to see Camps Bay. The trip back from the beach can take up to an hour if you’re staying at the upper end of Camps Bay. It is one of the few areas in Cape Town where visitors won’t require their own transportation, however, there are always taxis available.

Things to do in Camps Bay

The area around Camps Bay is perfect for strolls and hikes. To reach the beaches of Clifton or Lion’s Head, take Victoria Road north.

The Pipe Track is a popular track that follows the contour of Table Mountain and offers stunning panoramas of the mountain and harbour. Other routes to Table Mountain’s peak can be accessed from this path as well.

There may be a lot of people at the beach on the weekends and holidays during the summer. The palm tree-lined grounds are a popular picnic spot for guests. The beach is conveniently close to the restaurants and cafes that line the boardwalk.

The mountains to the south and east of the bay block the more dangerous winds, making the water in the bay ideal for swimming. Sunbathing, playing Frisbee, and other social beach games are all made easy by the beach’s level surface. At the southern end of the beach, a tidal pool is perfect for young swimmers. Waves suitable for surfing can be found towards the northern end of the beach.

The small town is well-known for its stunning white sand beaches, which are sandwiched between the azure Atlantic Ocean and the rugged Twelve Apostles. It also has 5-star boutique hotels and gourmet beachfront restaurants, making it a popular hangout for celebrities and the ultra-stylish.

First Beach, Second Beach, Third Beach, and Fourth Beach reflect their relative sizes, with Fourth Beach being the largest. It has been used for numerous filming projects, and Clifton 4th Street is especially busy around the holidays. It’s a great place to go swimming, and it also attracts its fair share of yacht parties.

For beachgoers looking to cool off in the water, tidal pools provide a rocky, man-made pool that is protected from the waves. Several tidal pools can be found in the Cape Town area. Camps Bay Tidal Pool is widely regarded as one of the best tidal pools in the entire Atlantic coast.

While mosquitoes aren’t typically a problem in Cape Town, those who are allergic should still pack repellent just in case. Most stores stock everything you might need to cambat the mosquitos.

Although Camps Bay is relatively safe, it is not recommend strolling along the beach after dark. Walk only in well-lit areas and maintain vigilance. In Cape Town, you can feel safe when sticking to the well-trodden tourist routes.