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Best moving company in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town

The Southern Suburbs are located at the base of Table Mountain National Park, a mountainous mainstay that stretches from Signal Hill to Cape Point, creating a spectacular backdrop for the beautiful flora that permeates the southern suburbs, in part due to the pervasive blanket of clouds that usually hang over the mountains. 

As one of the best moving companies in the Cape southern suburbs, we can make your relocation a completely stress-free experience.

The logistics of shifting a family or business from Mowbray, Pineland and Thornton to Rosebank, Rondebosch, Newland or Bishopscourt are well-known to our team of experts. Throughout the Western Cape, we’ve served more than 800 delighted clients.

We are here to help you every step of the way, from the initial stages of planning through the delivery of the final box to your new home. With our well-maintained fleet of vehicles and well-trained employees, we are prepared to ensure a smooth and careless relocation.

An iconic route in the Southern Suburbs is the old Main Road, which begins in the City Bowl and travels through the suburbs of Observatory, Mowbray and Rondebosch before ending in Simon’s Town via Newlands, Claremont, Kenilworth, Wynberg and Plumstead. Cape Town International Airport is just 30 minutes away from the area, and the city centre is less than a ten-minute drive from the over two dozen suburbs on either side of M3.

Atop the mountain, above Rosebank, Rondebosh, Mowbray, and Observatory, is where you’ll find the University of Cape Town. Located on the Eastern Slopes of Table Mountain in the Bishopscourt neighbourhood, the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in South Africa and is one of the most visited attractions in the country. Many of the flower species in this garden are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world, which makes it a fascinating place to visit and very popular with tourists.

There are a number of excellent wine farms just 20 minutes away from the city center in the Southern Suburbs. The Constantia area is home to a number of smaller wineries, some of which date back more than three centuries. In addition to award-winning wines, visitors and locals love the great cuisine, small coffee shops, and exclusive shopping.

We also offer moving services in Milnerton and Constantia.

Moving doesn’t necessarily cause stress in and of itself. Moving into a new home should be a chance to start anew and put the past behind you. It’s important to remember that moving involves change, and change can be stressful both in the lead-up to, during and immediately following the move.

It’s believed that money is a major source of worry for people who plan to relocate. Even if you lead a simple life, moving to a new residence might be expensive. It doesn’t matter if you have the money or not to relocate; moving will still cost you money and add to your worries.

It is understandable that as a parent, you would not want to put your children to stress at a young age. Make certain that your children are properly prepared prior to the big move, and that you put in extra effort in monitoring and supporting them throughout the transfer and settling in time.

 When children grow up, they don’t want to give up their friends and the comfortable lifestyle they’ve developed. Be honest and reassuring to them about why the entire family needs to relocate. Your children may ask you questions and they may express their disappointment or frustration. Be prepared for these reactions. Allow your children to take part in your relocation preparations. You might show them images of your new home and furniture and also give them the option of choosing their new rooms.

  • Hire professional movers

Whether your move is local or far, hiring experienced professional movers will ensure that it runs smoothly. This could be one of the most crucial aspects of your relocation. Contact the movers as soon as possible so that more accurate cost estimates can be provided.

  • Have a checklist

List what needs to be done and when. be thorough and include as much of the tasks you can think of. Check each task as soon a you have completed it.

  • Make an inventory

Make a list of everything you own and figure out how much you’ll have to move. Put your belongings into categories by creating a list. In order to prioritise what to pack first, it’s helpful to keep an inventory of the many objects you’ll be transporting.

  • Move less stuff

You’ll soon discover that you have a lot of stuff to get rid of after going through your belongings. Spend some time purging your home of outdated clothing, books, and other objects that are taking up valuable storage space.

According to a recent study, a house doesn’t truly become a home for the first time until 17 months after it’s been purchased. Furthermore, according to the findings of the survey, it takes the average homeowner six months and 15 days to completely unpack after moving into a new home.

It is said that clearing out the remnants of the previous owners is essential if a house is to truly feel like a home. It also appears that, in addition to upgrading our living conditions, we must experience specific moments or aspects of life beneath a roof in order to call it a home.

The time it takes to load your belongings onto the moving truck is determined by several factors, including:

    • The number of boxes and household items you have for moving;
    • The number of flights of stairs your items must be carried down;
    • The distance between the moving truck and the front door of your home;
    • Extra services that were required or necessitated.