The Best Home Removal Services from a Leading House Moving Company in Cape Town

Cape Movers Furniture Removals offers fully integrated and highly professional household furniture removal services throughout Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Our experienced team has successfully moved over 800 happy customers, and our client-centric approach means that we are able to help you with the delicate transition of household relocation in a supportive and hassle-free process.

Our house moving company in Cape Town is fully equipped to handle your move from start to finish and offer some of the most affordable home removals in the Western Cape area.

The benefits of using home removal services

House moving companies have the best vehicles for the job

When hiring a household furniture removal company you will be able to rent a perfectly outfitted truck. These vehicles are well-maintained and have enough space to accommodate all your furnishings and other household items.

This is a far more practical solution than having to move all your furniture yourself. The truck will be able to deliver your furniture to your new location in one trip, saving you the cost and hassle of having to travel back and forth.

Home removal services are a more affordable solution

As noted above, using a reputable moving company with its own fleet of trucks will save you a great amount of money in fuel, as the move can be completed in one trip.

Added to this, these removal teams are able to securely package all of your items, sparing you the losses of any valuable objects or the need for their replacement.

Packaging and wrapping will be included in your quote, so that you won’t need to spend additional money on coverings or sheeting which you won’t use again.

There is also the added cost-saving to your time and effort. When using a professional moving company, all of your furnishings and valuable goods are wrapped and packed by the removal team, and all boxes and furnishings are unpacked in your new home, saving you considerable time and effort.

You will receive the benefit of value-added services

In most cases the process of moving your home can be a stressful, logistical nightmare.

The incredible additional services provided by professional movers eliminate these more complex aspects of the move, as the moving company will help you to set up an itinerary, create a schedule for the move, and will be able to advise you on any other requirements that will make your move effortless and seamless.

A household furniture removal team makes it easier to account for all of your items

The removal company will help you to set up a thorough itinerary and checklist. This way, it is easier to account for any items that you may have otherwise overlooked.

On the day of the move, these professional teams will check your home closely to ensure that every item is accounted for, giving you total peace of mind in knowing that every toy, kitchen appliance, garden rake or silver teaspoon has been accounted for.

The services which we offer

Cape Movers Furniture Removals is comprised of an experience and dedicated team of furniture removal experts that are fully equipped to provide you with a stress-free and enjoyable household relocation.

We understand that moving is a complicated and delicate process, which is why we work closely with all of our customers to give them the most efficient, reliable and affordable moving process in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

We can safely and securely transport your household furnishings to any location in Cape Town and the Western Cape, whether it be to your dream home in Constantia, your swanky new pad in Sea Point, or your beautiful new family home in Somerset West. We also offer Long distance movers cape town and short distance movers cape town.

There are a few things to look out for when hiring the best possible moving company for your household relocation. You should hire movers with extensive experience, and which are able to provide you with integrated logistics and a thorough moving plan. Professional movers should also provide you with a transparent quote and be able to work closely with you to deliver your items on schedule.

A professional moving company will be able to give you a thorough moving plan, and will consult with you on your moving inventory. They will be able to rent you the appropriately sized truck for all of your furnishings, pack your items safely and deliver them securely.

Your professional moving company will consult you on your inventory list, which is a useful process when it comes to preparing for your move. These companies are also able to offer full packing and wrapping services for your valuable items. Those boxes and goods which you need to or prefer to pack yourself should preferably be prepared about two to three weeks before the move. This will give you adequate time to go over everything and ensure that everything on your inventory is accounted for.

Typically, it is best to start with any storage rooms in your home, such as the garage, basement and attic. Following this, you can begin to pack your spare rooms and closets. Once the items in these areas are ready to move, the next room to tackle is your kitchen and living room. The last rooms you pack should be your bedrooms, kids’ rooms, and bathroom.

There are a few useful steps you can take to declutter your home before the big move. Start by taking one room at a time and sorting all essential items. Evaluate the items you need most, and separate these from items you feel you might want to get rid of. Remove any old junk or items you’ve been meaning to dispose of, and take this opportunity to get rid of any appliances or goods that are no longer in working condition.

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