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Moving to Table View in the Western Cape? We are your doorstep and will get your belongings safely and securely to your new home.

Table View is a populous area in the Western Cape province of South Africa’s City of Cape Town. Since the 1970s, the area has grown tremendously, with the additions of Flamingo Vlei, Sunridge, West Riding, Parklands, and Killarney. Table View is the next neighbourhood down from Milnerton, and it encompasses a region that spans from Rietvlei Wetland Reserve up to Raats Drive – bordering Parklands – and from Gie Road all the way down to the sea. Table View is located around 17 kilometres from the Cape Town CBD.

Table View Beach, which is popular with both visitors and Capetonians, is situated along the seaside road and spans in both directions, making it a perfect place for lengthy walks and exercise. On weekends, life focuses on the beach, with activities like kitesurfing, surfing and stand-up boarding, as well as road jogging and cycling, proving popular with the inhabitants. Kite surfing is particularly popular, with several tournaments attracting kite-surfers from all across the country and even from other countries.

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Land elevation in Table View over marine level is estimated to be nine metres, with the suburbs of Big Bay, Blaauwberg, Bloubergrant, Parklands, and Table View all located within this area. Shoppers make the most of the two retail malls, Bayside and Table View Mall, which are located nearby.

Living in Table View will place you in close proximity to a thriving nightlife as well as outstanding restaurants such as Big Bay Cafe and Homespun Restaurants, among others.

Blouberg beach is a popular destination for families with children and dogs. It is fascinating to see how elderly and young alike are drawn to rock pools full with marine life. Looking out over the icy Atlantic Ocean, you will be able to see Robben Island to your right and Table Mountain across the bay to your left.

The region is particularly perfect for families since it is child-friendly, has excellent schools, and is reasonably priced when compared to other parts of Cape Town. Table View Main School and Table View High School are the two primary public schools in the area. Private schools such as Elkanah, Generations, and Parklands College may be found in nearby suburbs such as Sunningdale.

Residents in Table View can choose from a wide variety of residential options, from studio apartments to luxury penthouses. There are also detached family homes and vacation rentals, as well as gated communities with many units of the same type.

Because of its central location and access to first-rate public transportation, Table View and its neighbouring communities continue to provide exceptional value for money to those wanting to purchase family-sized homes in the region.

Table View is home to about 26 000 people and if you are likely to join them soon and need a professional moving company to help, contact our friendly team for a clear quote and expert advice.

We also offer moving services in Fish Hoek and Tokai.

The more you prepare ahead of time, the less difficult it will be to pack your kitchen. Pack as much as you can in the week leading up to your relocation. As you prepare your kitchen for moving day, have a few key things on hand to ensure that you have dishes to dine off and pots to cook in when you need them. Make the most of your packing space and save waste by utilising what you already have and only purchasing what you need. Donate food and other perishables to those in need. Make certain that you have the appropriate packaging materials. Keep in mind the gloves and plastic bags, the packing labels, the boxes, the packing tape, and the padding.

If you do it correctly, you will reduce the amount of boxes you need to get. Before you begin packing, check to see that all of your pots and pans are clean. Smaller pots and pans should be placed within bigger ones, and the procedure should be repeated until you have three or four layers. Wrapping or padding should be used to separate each layer to avoid dents and scratches. Use separate boxes for your lids. Wrap the lids as you would your dishes if they are breakable. Dry pantry products like dried beans, rice, or flour can be placed on top of your pots and pans to keep them all in one place.

Before moving day, check to be sure you have the proper tools to prevent harming yourself or your belongings. An appliance dolly is a great way to move heavy appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves, from one place to another without having to lift them. Protect your hardwood floors by using gliding pads or glides while moving appliances. Only use them over short distances. To prevent your appliance from tipping over during a move, you’ll need appliance moving straps. Lifting and moving appliances over short distances can be done without danger of damage with these devices.

To help customers move their furniture, several furniture businesses have extra big boxes and packaging materials like bubble wrap, styrofoam, and wrapping paper. In order to protect delicate objects and stack them carefully in boxes, you’ll need a lot of these products in modest amounts. Packing materials meant to protect delicate products such as bottles are used by winemakers, wine merchants, pub owners, and liquor shop keepers. Using them, you may safely store all of your kitchen’s glasses, plates, and other small appliances. If you have a huge network of Facebook friends and relatives, let them know that you are moving soon and are in need of goods.

You’ll want to make sure everything is in order as you say farewell to your home. Your home should be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. Remember to hand over all of your keys to the new owners, as agreed upon in advance. If required, be sure you leave keys for any sheds or inside doors.