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The Best Moving Company in Stellenbosch 

 You may believe that moving locally eliminates the need for the services of a moving company. This is not necessarily true. If you believe that you and a few friends or family members will be able to move your belongings, you may find that this is one of the most stressful decisions you made of your move. Professional movers in Stellenbosch have the necessary equipment to move large, heavy, and awkward items without causing damage. They also have skilled and experienced staff and moving crews that will take a huge burden off your shoulder.

Look no further for furniture removals in Stellenbosch

We offer affordable furniture removals in Stellenbosch and surrounding areas. As the leading moving company in Stellenbosch, we take care to ensure an effortless relocation. We are excited to help you make your new house a home. 

Customer service matters

Cape Movers Furniture Removals is a customer service and quality assurance company that operates throughout the Western Cape region. We know Stellenbosch is a popular residential choice for wine lovers, students, and farmers alike. So whether you are planning a move to a farm in the Jonkershoek area or to a retirement home on De Zalse or the Devonvale Golf and Wine Estate, our extensive range of resources in the moving industry is available at your doorstep.

Moving locally might be just as traumatic as moving big distances. We can assist you throughout the entire process, from the first planning phases to the final box being delivered to your new home.

 Logistics in Stellenbosch

 Stellenbosch, South Africa’s second-oldest town, is noted for its stunning natural beauty and oak-lined streets, as well as its Cape Dutch heritage, culture, university and its wine-growing region. The town is roughly 45 minutes outside of Cape Town amid the stunning Hottentots Mountains.

From Dalsig and Die Boord to Stellenbosch Central and Uniepark, Cape Movers Furniture Removals is acquainted with the town’s suburbs, access streets, traffic lights and peak hours as well as weather patterns. Stellenbosch is close to Somerset West, Franschoek and the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and our ultimate aim is to make your move a stress free and less troublesome event.

Our well maintained fleet and friendly professional team are at hand to help you plan, pack, load, move and unload your belongings with peace of mind, knowing that cost-efficiency, safety and security is at the top of our agenda.

Although you are the only one who truly understands your moving needs, we are confident that our expertise, gained from helping more than 800 satisfied customers move their offices or homes, will be exceed your requirements.

Whether you’re moving into or out of the greater Stellenbosch area, we’d love to provide you with an estimate so you can take advantage of our low rates, dependable truck rentals, and expert packing services.

We also offer furniture removals in Somerset West and Durbanville.

You will have peace of mind as your relocation will be a breeze thanks to their expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. When you engage professional movers to handle your relocation, your entire calendar will be free, allowing you to carry on with your normal routine. You can go to work as usual or be free to keep and eye on the move without the burden of packing, loading and moving everything by yourself.

Leaving your pets at a boarding facility for a night or two can go a long way toward easing their transition. As a result, they have no way to get out of the property when it’s time to move.

Keep your pet in a crate throughout the transfer if you don’t want to board them. You may want to buy a crate beforehand to get your pet acquainted to it beforehand. Make a comfortable bed for them in the crate, and come moving day, they’ll be more relaxed when they’re in it. You may also consider hiring a trustworthy minder that will take care of the pets throughout the move.

Take a position at one of the long ends of the couch, with a helper taking up a position at the other end. Squat and lift the couch from the bottom with a synchronised effort. Make use of your legs and arms to bear the majority of the weight, rather than your back. Slowly make your way down the stairs. Make sure you double-check the width of the staircase and the space at the top and bottom of the stairs to know the couch will fit. if the couch is too wide for the stairs, you may want to lower it by lifting the couch over the rails to the bottom floor. To avoid rips and scratches, remove the legs and wrap the couch in plastic wrap or blankets before moving it. Use loops and ropes to tie and balance it securely before lowering it.

It’s always wise to notify your neighbours or the person in charge of the apartment block of your moving date so that they can prepare for the moving company’s arrival. The neighbours will be grateful for the alert and clear the way for your moving company to get to the property. This will be really helpful if heavy goods like furniture have to be moved.

  • When household cleansers, such as bleach, mix with other chemicals in the rear of a moving truck, the resulting fumes can be hazardous and the truck may even catch fire.
  • Fertilisers and weed killers are highly combustible and should not be stored in extremely hot temperatures. Remember that he back of a moving truck can get very hot very quickly.
  • Vehicle batteries should not be transported in the rear of a moving truck because they can leak and pose a fire danger if not properly secured. Leaking car batteries can result in injuries and burns to the moving crew.
  • Ammunition is extremely dangerous when exposed to excessively high temperatures and should not be included with the rest of the move on the truck.