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Milnerton is about 11 kilometers from the heart of Cape Town. Many of Cape Town’s highlights are within easy reach, as are the area’s gorgeous houses, sparkling lagoon, and links golf course. Milnerton is the oldest of the suburbs along the northern shore of Table Bay, having been established in the previous century.

Located on the grounds of the former farm, Janbiesjeskraal, Milnerton was formed in 1902 and was named after Sir Alfred Milner, the Cape’s Governor from 1897 to 1901. Many beautiful homes and trees can be found in this residential area. Milnerton is a wonderful place to live because of its stunning views of Table Mountain and the bay.

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We have helped many Milnerton residents move house in this popular residential choice for people of all ages, with both the young and the old taking advantage of the superb sporting facilities, as well as the well-established schools and shopping centres.

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Milnerton is home to numerous attractions, including jet skiing, surfing, rafting down the lagoon, fishing and canoe paddling, among others. The lagoon is a popular destination for canoeists because it offers the best of both worlds: a breathtaking vista while also providing a thrilling canoeing trip.

Also on the must see list is Zonnekus, a lovely Dutch home that was erected on Woodbridge Island in 1929 and was the first house ever built on the island. This coastal residence was built by Sir David Graaf and used by his family as a summer residence until Sir David Graaf died in 1931.

Milnerton is the closest residential area to the Atlantic Ocean, situated north of Cape Town. The main thoroughfares Koeberg Road M5 and Otto du Plessis Drive R27 link it to the rest of the city. Milnerton is a neighbourhood in Cape Town made up of several smaller communities, such as Cambridge Estate and Century City, as well as larger ones like Joe Slovo Park, Lagoon Beach, and Milnerton Ridge. The City of Cape Town owns and manages two nature reserves in Milnerton, one situated in the middle of the old Milnerton Racetrack.

We also offer moving services in Constantia and the Southern Suburbs.

A typical rule of thumb is that an overnight kit should be the last to be packed because it comprises the basics you may require while traveling and throughout your first day at your new home. So, until you have finished unpacking and settling into your new home, make sure to keep the following items on hand:

    • Snacks\sBeverages
    • Towels that are free of stains
    • Clothes\sToiletries
    • Veterinary medicine for pets
    • Small technological devices such as a laptop, tablet, and mobile phones
  • Plan your move

Moving can be dangerous if you don’t prepare beforehand, so be sure to think through every stage of the process. The accessibility of both your old and new homes should be taken into consideration when packing. Determine if you’ll need the support of friends or a reputable moving company to get the job done

  • Use proper equipment

Get the right moving equipment. Moving large objects will be a breeze if you have the right tools. A few dollies and straps might help you lift big goods without straining your back. When it comes to transferring heavy home items a safety ramp is essential.

  • Make the pathways easy to access

Check over the region around your current and future residences to see if there are any potential dangers. Make sure that the steps are clearly visible to those who are not familiar with the area. Make sure there are no obstructions in the way. Check to see if there are any plants or other similar items scattered about the house from the packing process. Traction mats are also a good idea if your entrance is prone to get slick. Remove any potential barriers that may be in the way of the vehicles. If you need to arrange a parking area for the moving truck ahead of time, do so.

When moving, it’s important to learn good lifting techniques so that you don’t get hurt:

  • As you carry a large object, take modest steps and walk slowly;
  • Don’t raise large boxes above your head;
  • Don’t use your hips to turn, but use your feet;
  • Avoid placing the boxes on your shoulders or above your head; instead, keep them close to your body;
  • Carry a maximum of one box at a time. It is always preferable to make a second trip for additional boxes rather than risk an injury while moving.

Accidents can still happen even if all precautions are taken. We recommend that you have a plan in case it does. Make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible if you hurt your back, fingers, or limbs. In spite of the fact that you might think you’re wasting your time, this is the best course of action. Moving to a new location might be complicated and possibly delayed if you suffer a moving-related injury. Do not panic.

Dress in appropriate attire. It is common for moving day to be really exhausting, so make sure you dress in comfortable clothes. Wear clothes made of flexible fabrics so that your movements are not hindered by your clothing. Keep in mind that your clothing is likely to be ruined during the moving process, so wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty. Sport shoes are a wonderful choice because they are both comfortable and long-lasting, and they are also affordable.