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Diep River is a picturesque suburb encircled by Plumstead, Heathfield, The Vines, and the Southern Suburbs railway line. Named for the river that winds its way through it, Diep River has a certain allure that is enhanced by its rich history and contemporary comforts. Among all the Cape Town removal companies, Cape Movers Furniture Removals stands out as the obvious choice for relocating to or from Diep Rivier.

Diep River has deep historical roots in the 17th-century explorations of the Dutch East India Company. The thatching grass used to decorate the roofs of the time came from this region, which gives the suburb a little historical cred. In 1882, Diep River became an even more important stop on the Southern Railway Line, which connected Wynberg and Muizenberg. This contributed a new chapter to the town’s history.

On November 4, 1906, a meteorite crashed through the metal roof of a home on the property known as Hermitage, weighing an amazing 910gm and composed of the highly uncommon mineral L6 Chondrite. This incident is one of Diep River’s distinctive claims to fame. The South African Museum in Cape Town houses a specimen of this alien visitor.


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Diep River isn’t just a charming little town with a rich history; the winding streets off Main Road also conceal hidden gems. Victorian cottages, seemingly plain from the outside, hide beautifully renovated interiors and grounds. Diep River, like the highly desirable Wynberg Village, provides reasonably priced real estate that is centrally located between two train stations, making it easy to reach the City Centre. The addition of office parks to Westlake increases the desirability of the suburb by creating a nearby economic district. The community’s retail needs are met by major shopping centres like Constantia Village and the freshly renovated Blue Route Mall.

Diep River is a popular suburb among seniors and homeowners alike due to its convenient location between Main Road and the railway line, where many retirement complexes are located. Diep River’s dedication to offering a well-rounded living experience for all inhabitants is shown in this intelligent planning, which allows the elderly to commute effortlessly via a short stroll.

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