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Nestled between the False Bay Coast and the Hottentots Holland Mountains, Gordons Bay is a beautiful coastal village. Located just a short drive from Somerset West and Strand, as well as less than half an hour from Cape Town International Airport, this charming village has all the hallmarks of the Mediterranean.

The N2 Freeway from Cape Town provides convenient access from the north, while the scenic Clarence Drive from Cape Town to Hermanus provides excellent opportunities for whale watching and dolphin spotting from the road.

The name “Gordon” was chosen to honour Robert Jacob Gordon, who served as Commandant of the Dutch troops stationed at the Cape between the years 1777 and 1795.

Any visitor to Gordon’s Bay is sure to notice the massive anchor made of whitewashed stones that bears the initials GB high on the mountain overlooking the bay. Students at the General Botha SA Nautical College, which was founded in 1948 and subsequently leased space at the Old Crash Boat Station, painted the rocks that make up the formation in 1949. Despite popular belief, G.B. stands not for Gordon’s Bay but for General Botha, the original name of the Naval Academy.

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Gordon’s Bay is a small village with two harbours. The original harbour is still in use today, welcoming fishing boats and yachts. The Gordons Bay Yacht Club, the National Sea Rescue Institute, and the South African Navy are all based there. Many charter boats and yachts call the new Harbour in Harbour Island home.

Winter rains and mild water and air temperatures are par for the course in this typical coastal resort climate. The “Cape Doctor” or south easterly wind is a welcome relief from the summer heat. It’s warm and dry with a bit of wind in the summer. The days are mild and balmy in the spring and autumn. Winters are typically mild, but can get chilly at night. In the winter, the Helderberg Mountains can get a dusting of snow.

Gordon’s Bay is a great place to call home for people of all ages, thanks to its convenient location, excellent schools, and wide selection of restaurants, shops, and cafes, and we’ve assisted the relocation of many families there  from the Old Village and the Mountainside to the lower-lying areas such as Dobson, and Harbour Island.

Sportsmen can choose from many different activities, including boat, rock, and surf angling, tennis, rugby, jukskei, bowls, squash, and croquet, and the radio control club – off road has a dedicated fan base. Gordon’s Bay is perfect for sailing, scuba diving, and fishing.

It takes about ten minutes to get to Somerset West from Gordons Bay and only six minutes to get to the Strand. Somerset West is home to top-notch educational and medical facilities, and it is also close to the world-class shopping at Somerset Mall. The Strand, a town with its own set of shops just 10 minutes away, is a convenient alternative. As one of only two coastal resorts that make up the Winelands, the village serves as an integral link between the inland areas and the coast.

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We also offer furniture removals in Bergvliet and Noordhoek.

Just before you put your house up for sale, do a thorough decluttering. Since you’ll have gotten rid of half your stuff already, you’ll be able to save money on moving boxes and other packing supplies. Secure your valuables. Treasured items like jewellery and keepsakes should be treated with the utmost care at all times. Put them in a safe or the temporary care of someone you trust and get them out of the house first.

The total cost of your move can be affected by the day you decide to move, so it pays to be strategic about your scheduling. If you want to save money on your move, don’t pack or move on the weekend or a holiday. The money you save by shopping around for moving quotes on different days will be well worth the effort.

Time is money, so if you’re in a pinch but can afford it, hire packers to help you out. Time-wise, a three-bedroom home can be packed by professionals in a single day. They will also furnish all packing materials, including tape, bubble wrap, and foam padding, required for safe transportation of fragile items such as lamps and furniture.

There are a number of options available to you. Set up an inspection in advance to let the movers know if they’ll need more help lifting heavy objects or navigating tight spaces. Think about what it is you are comfortable carrying with you. If you get the keys to your new home before moving day and it’s not too far away, you might be surprised at how much you can move. Be sure to disassemble furniture like beds and tables, pack everything into boxes, and turn off the electricity before the movers arrive on moving day. If you live in an upstairs apartment, you may need to arrange for a lift. Find out what kind of truck or van your movers will be using, and have a parking spot ready for them close to your front door.

Except for the top, label all sides of the box. Whoever is transporting your boxes may not ensure that all labels are facing the same direction for easy retrieval.