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Woodstock, one of the first suburbs of Cape Town, sits between Table Bay’s docks and Devil’s Peak’s lower slopes. A fascinating town to explore, thanks to its varied population, vibrant arts scene, and long history of settlement.

The indigenous Khoikhoi people lived in the region until the arrival of Dutch immigrants in the 1600s. In 1692, three farms were set up on the slopes of Devil’s Peak: Zonnebloem, Leliebloem, and Roodebloem. Named after Pieter van Papendorp, a pioneer in the 18th century, the region soon became known as Papendorp as the population grew. With houses dotting the shoreline and a beach that stretched towards the Castle of Good Hope, Woodstock had transformed into a chic coastal enclave by the middle of the nineteenth century. During the age of sail, violent storms caused dramatic shipwrecks along the shore at Woodstock.

The Woodstock Hotel was the site of an 1867 referendum by locals to rename the neighbourhood Woodstock from New Brighton. Just over a year after gaining its own municipality, Woodstock had risen to the position of third-largest “town” in the nation by 1884. Its quick growth was driven by industry, better transportation, and easy access to the harbour. Woodstock was able to fulfil the enormous demand for supplies by British forces during the First and Second Anglo-Boer Wars (1881 and 1899–1902, respectively). The character of the suburb was irrevocably altered by its industrialisation.

People from all around the world, speaking all sorts of languages, fill the streets of Woodstock. Creativity flourishes in this diverse environment. The Old Biscuit Mill has been transformed into a centre for the arts, fashion, and cuisine. Every Saturday, it comes alive with a bustling market that features the wares of local craftsmen and delicious food. Take a stroll down streets covered with colourful graffiti and murals. As a resident you will become a thread in the colourful fabric of Woodstock and can indulge in the varied cuisine at neighbourhood restaurants or by peering into artists’ workspaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Woodstock is both a trendy and historic neighbourhood in Cape Town. The neighbourhood is a thriving, eclectic mix of cuisine, style, art, and design thanks to the vast variety of nationalities and ethnicities that live there. Locals love Woodstock because it’s a great spot to make a statement.

It is 38 km from Woodstock to Boulders Beach. From Woodstock to Boulders Beach, the driving time is around 34 minutes.