Among the Best Long Distance Moving Companies in Cape Town, Western Cape

Cape Movers Furniture Removals provides affordable long-distance truck rentals. Using our well-serviced and highly maintained fleet of trucks, we are able to deliver your furniture safely to any location.

Whether it be a new academic career in Stellenbosch, a long-awaited retirement to Mossel Bay, or an exciting lifestyle change in Montagu, our professional team of movers ensures that your beloved furnishings and most cherished items reach their destination securely and on time.

Our affordable moving truck rentals can be complemented by our comprehensive list of services offered by our long-distance moving company in Cape Town.

Included in our list of logistical services are wrapping, packing and unpacking for both household and office relocations for a stress-free moving experience to and from the Western Cape.

The benefits of hiring a truck for long-distance moving in the Western Cape

A long-distance move can be a daunting prospect for most people, which entails detailed logistics, lengthy road times and a lot of packing. Hiring a truck from Cape Movers Furniture Removals is a hassle-free and affordable alternative that has many benefits.

Long-distance truck hire is a cost-saving option

Hiring a truck to move long distances across the Western Cape is the most affordable alternative to doing it yourself.

Quotes for truck hires are offered at highly competitive rates which will relieve you of many of the costs that accumulate when doing a slow, long-haul drive yourself.

The price of overnight accommodation, additional fuel charges, food stops and additional shipping charges are all avoided by hiring a truck.

Make use of other professional services

Professional truck hire companies are staffed by a team of professional movers who are specially trained to pack your goods safely and securely and ensure that your valuable items are delivered in perfect condition.

At your new destination, the moving team can assist you in moving your furniture into the location, unpacking and unwrapping your items and boxes, and placing furnishings in your desired areas with no extra burden or hassle to you.

Peace of mind for a long-distance relocation

Professional truck hire companies are committed to ensuring that your goods are packaged and delivered safely, and use special coverings and techniques to ensure that even the most delicate items are delivered scratch-free.

Making use of these specialised services will give you peace of mind in knowing that your furnishings are in safe hands.

Easier to manage your own travel arrangements

A long-distance move can be an exciting but exhausting experience for you and your family. With all of your furnishings safely packed and ready to be delivered on schedule, your time is freed up to focus on travelling to your destination in the easiest and safest way possible.

With the stress of the move covered, you and your loved ones are given the chance to focus on the amazing journey which you are taking to your new home.

Our long-distance moving services

Cape Movers Furniture Removers provides affordable truck rental solutions across a fleet of highly maintained vehicles equipped to cover any distance across the Western Cape Province and Cape Town.

We provide fast, transparent quotes, and work closely with all of our customers to ensure a logistically efficient, stress-free and secure moving experience.

Our drivers are highly trained and we take the utmost care to ensure that your furnishing is delivered on time so that you can begin to set up your new home or office space with ease and comfort.

Our truck rental services can be complemented with our specialist packing and wrapping services to provide you with a comprehensive solution that will ensure your move is covered. We also offer Furniture movers cape town and Office Movers Cape Town.

When tackling a long-distance move, renting a truck is the most affordable means of transporting your goods across the Western Province and in Cape Town. When renting a truck, the move will still be handled by your furniture removal company to ensure that your goods are handled safely and securely, and a professional driver will ensure that the truck reaches its destination according to your preferred schedule.

When moving long distance, there are some items which it is preferable not to include in the move. These include most perishable items such as frozen food, food that cannot be adequately preserved, open or half-used foods and refrigerated foods. Of course, if you are sure that these items can be preserved in the time that it takes to complete your move then they can be safely included in your own packing list, however these may take up your own valuable space and may expire by the time you arrive.

When hiring a professional moving company to complete a long distance move, you can set up a moving schedule that suits you. As such, the moving company will consult you on your pre-determined date, and set up all of the logistics required to complete the haul at the time and date you prefer.

This depends largely on your specific requirements, such as the number of items you need to move and the distance that must be covered. That said, consulting with a professional moving company about two months before your departure will give you enough time to finalise the logistics and include any changes or adjustments to the move that may come up.

When hiring a professional moving company the prerequisite details will be handled by the logistics division of the organisation, which is professionally experienced in ensuring that all items are accounted for, carefully packaged and delivered safely. However, it may be helpful to set up your own personal checklist to ensure that you and your family are fully prepared on the day of the move. Such preparatory checks that you can set up include making travel arrangements, checking on your car insurance, strategizing your packing process, designating any possessions your wish to donate, and transferring your prescriptions.

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