Professional Packing and Wrapping Services in Cape Town and the Western Cape

Cape Movers Furniture Removals is a leading provider of comprehensive and fully integrated packing and wrapping services in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Our experienced team of packers are able to secure your items in correctly sized boxes, high-grade wrappings and weather-proof coverings, and all of our materials are fully recycled.

We provide a complete price match for packing and wrapping services, and our flexible and customizable solutions can handle any situation – whether it be relocating an office in City Bowl or packing up a beloved family home in Hout Bay. 

The benefits of using professional packing and wrapping services

One of the most stressful and time-consuming aspects of moving your home is the packing process. Each item needs to be meticulously accounted for, safely wrapped and packed, correctly labelled and completed on time.

Hiring a professional packing and wrapping service will provide you with numerous benefits and significantly reduce the stress and hassle associated with this delicate process.

Eliminate the risk of damages

Professional packing teams are specially trained and full equipped to package each piece of household furniture or precious item safely and securely.

These teams make use of a full spectrum of packing materials, boxes and wrappings to protect all of your items, and are expertly trained in the process of safely packing and unpacking your goods with no damage to any of your most valuable pieces.

Professional packing teams are accountable for the safe packaging and delivery of your goods, and are committed to ensuring that everything arrives at your new home in perfect condition.

Easy and organised packing process

Professional packing and wrapping teams take immense care to ensure that all of your boxes are packed in an orderly fashion and correctly labelled, making for a fast and efficient unpacking process when you reach your new location.

As part of the moving process, they will also set up an inventory with you to make sure that each item is accounted for, and since they have extensive experience in the packing process they will be able to complete the job much more quickly.

Save additional costs

All of the items used in the packing process, from the boxes to the wrappings, plastic and weather-proof coverings, are included in your quote. Added to this, these packing teams will have everything on hand on the day of the packing process.

This means that you will not have to spend money on any additional boxes or wrappings, and you will be spared the inconvenience of having to source additional wrappings for items you may not have accounted for.

Customized experience

Professional packing teams are experience and flexible, and can handle every part of the packing process that you require – and leave out the areas you would prefer to do yourself.

If you only need them to pack up your kitchen, or would rather pack your bedroom yourself, these teams will cover the areas you need the most assistance with, while allowing you to focus on the parts of the house or office you wish to handle yourself.

Professional packers give you time to focus on other aspects of the move

With the time-consuming packing process fully handled by your team of experts, you are afforded time to finalise all the many other intricate details of the moving process, from cancelling water bills to meeting your new neighbours.

The services which we offer

Cape Movers Furniture Removals offers comprehensive packing and wrapping services from start to finish. We are dedicated to the security of all our customers’ most valuable items, and have extensive experience in the safe handling of even the most fragile goods.

We have the full range of resources necessary to fully pack up your house or office, and will assist you every step of the way to make sure that all of your beloved items reach your new location in perfect condition. We also offer Long distance movers cape town and Small load Movers Cape Town.

Using professional packing and wrapping services is immensely beneficial to you during the stressful moving process. These experienced teams save you all the time and effort of packing your furnishings and items yourself, and are trained in packing your items securely so that there are no damages to any of your valuables.

When using a professional packing service you can expect the following benefits:

  • The provision of a comprehensive moving inventory
  • The use of the proper materials and appropriately sized boxes
  • The correct labelling of all your fragile and valuable items
  • Weather-resistant coverings and transportation facilities
  • Space-saving techniques for greater efficiency
  • Careful, experienced handling of even your most delicate items

A full service mover will provide you with a thorough inventory and assist you every step of the way. There are a few things which you can do to prepare for your big day. Create your own inventory list which you can double-check against the one you create with your moving company. This will allow you to take note of any items you may have missed or forgotten. Select the items which you would prefer to pack personally, and downscale the packing process by removing any items you no longer want or need.

Professional packers are equipped with an arsenal of specially designed boxes, appropriately scaled packing materials, weather-resistant packing items and all of the additional covers and wrappings required to protect your items in any circumstance.

When you hire professional packing and wrapping services, they will provide all of the required packing materials, including boxes, plastic cushioning, packing tape and packing paper. They will completely pack all of the items in each room of your house working closely with you to ensure your inventory is fully accounted for, and will correctly label each box for a fast and efficient unpacking process in your new home.

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