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Best Moving Company in Somerset West

 If you need to relocate your house or your office, we are on your doorstep in the Western Cape and offer an efficient service that will lighten your irritation levels significantly whilst relocating.

We pride ourselves on being the best moving company in Somerset West. As industry leaders, we offer first-rate furniture removals in Somerset West, along with logistical planning and a team of movers that make the process a breeze.

Stress-Free Furniture Removals in Somerset West

Somerset West, once voted one of the prime places to live in South Africa, is nestled between False Bay, the Cape Winelands and the Helderberg Mountains and borders Strand and Gordon’s Bay just off the N2.

Our well-maintained fleet of trucks and equally well trained staff are geared to provide a seamless move, be it from the outlying areas near Vergelegen estate or the Heldeberg Nature Reserve to a lovely new home close the Somerset West Country Club or to your new family home situated in close proximity to the Somerset West Primary School.

Continuously improving

We know the logistics of moving households or commercial entities in Somerset West. We have helped more than 800 satisfied customers across the Western Cape and are constantly feeding our expertise and operational proficiency through customer feedback, experience gained and keeping abreast of the latest and best technology and trends in the industry.

 From start to finish

Because we handle everything from start to finish—from packing to unpacking—you can rest easy knowing that we’ll be at your side throughout the entire move. With our comprehensive and integrated packing and wrapping service, you won’t have to worry about anything. To ensure that even the most delicate items are handled with care, we have devoted ourselves to keeping our customers’ most prized possessions safe and secure. Specially trained and well-equipped, our seasoned packers can safely and securely package any piece of household furniture or valuable item.

 A Moving Company in Somerset West with Local knowledge

We know Somerset West and how to move your personal property at the right price at the right time and along the most suitable routes. Whether you are settling in your dream home in upmarket Erinvale or Spanish Farm or moving office to Golden Acre near the Helderberg Hospital, we always customise our service to your needs and are happy to help from the planning stage until the last box has been off loaded and placed in the new venue as per your instructions.

In the event that you need to relocate to, from, or within the suburbs of Somerset West, please contact us for an estimate and take advantage of our competitive rates, high-quality truck rentals, and professional packing services.

We also offer furniture removals in Durbanville & Stellenbosch.

Typically, when estimating the cost of a move, you multiply the projected time required to accomplish the move by the hourly rate charged by the moving company in question. Add the cost of other items, such as packing materials, travel time, and gratuities if you are working with movers, to get to the final estimate.

  • Organise all of your moving-related paperwork in a binder, including moving checklists, receipts, phone numbers for the Somerset West municipal offices, a list of donations and receipts for those donations, floor plans, styling ideas, contractor bids, medical records, school records, financial documents, and all relevant information from the moving company.
  • Create and print a checklist or to-do list to guide what you need and when.
  • Plan your packing strategy. Decide which rooms will be packed first, generally starting with the non-essential spaces. Estimate the number of boxes and other packaging material you will need.
  • Make a list of the contents of each box as you pack it. Tracking your belongings (packed and unpacked) and where they are after the relocation will be easier if you keep a complete record.
  • Colour code your boxes to make the unloading and placement of these boxes in your new home easier and more efficient.
  • Prior to the relocation, make a list of all of the furniture, clothing, and other home items that you desire to donate, and keep this list handy. Once you’ve finished your list, decide where you’d like to donate the unwanted items you’ve set aside. You may want to think of the Little Angels Home, the Imibala Trust, or the Somerset West Night Shelter as possible options.

If the bottles of alcohol are properly packaged and stowed, the majority of moving companies will be happy to transport them for their customers. Some considerations to keep in mind when transporting alcoholic beverages: To reduce the likelihood of breaking, store your open bottles in a double-layer corrugated cardboard box with some form of padding in between them. In most cases, your movers will pack your food for you. You must, however, examine whether it is a sensible idea in the first place. We recommend that you throw away any food in glass jars and anything perishable rather than transporting it to your new home because they may shatter and spill before you get to your new home.

Protect the wood with a protective covering to keep it from getting scratched or damaged, but avoid using plastic because it might generate moisture and swelling. Protect the wood using rags, furniture pads, and moving blankets to keep it from being exposed to sunlight, dampness, and dust.

  • Donate unwanted furniture, clothes and other household items to charities in the Somerset West area or social services at the Helderberg Hospital. Set collection dates for the stuff well in advance of moving day to avoid unnecessary feet and traffic when you load the truck.
  • If there are some items that you are not sure you want to give away, place them in a short-term storage facility so you can decide at a later, less hectic time.
  • Cleanup your closet from all unwanted and old clothing. Include items that are out of style or you have never worn and know you will not buy in future.