mistakes to avoid on moving day

Mistakes to Avoid on Moving Day

Everyone wants their house relocation to go off without a hitch. But, that isn’t the case all the time. No matter how well you plan, things are bound to go wrong on moving day. Stress can be reduced, though, by avoiding the kinds of catastrophic errors that can quickly spiral out of control. That’s why it’s crucial to take care of the fundamentals to ensure a seamless day.

In order to ensure that you are completely ready for the big day, we have compiled a list of typical pitfalls to avoid on moving day.

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Top 10 Pitfalls to Avoid when Moving

Lack of Preparation

Most people who are moving for the first time underestimate how much preparation is required for the move. While it’s true that the day of the move itself consists primarily of loading and driving, it’s important to be prepared in advance to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Packing materials should be carefully planned for, with consideration given to both the type and quantity to be utilised as well as research into potential suppliers and pricing comparisons. To avoid any hiccups in the moving process, it’s essential to get started on the planning process as soon as you’ve settled on a new home.

Plan at least a month in advance of the actual relocation day. Packing should be completed at least a week before moving day, or at least reduced to a few boxes of necessities.


Avoid Budget Calamities

Get a close as possible quote for the move.  It is a good idea to have a ballpark figure in mind for how much money you’ll need to cover the relocation, especially if you have a budget to stick to. Moving can leave you with extra charges, but you can prepare for it by calculating your spending limits and establishing a budget in advance.

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Find the Right Removal Company

It’s crucial to hire a removal company you can have faith in and who will deliver as promised. Instead of comparing prices, many people hire the first removals firm they find.

Check the company’s registration and insurance to protect your things. Many bogus relocation firms offer really cheap prices. Read company reviews to avoid scams.

Accidents can happen even with expert movers. Check your removals company’s insurance. Ask your home insurance provider if it covers moving household goods.

 We offer both long distance and short distance relocation services for home moves and office moves.

Home Utilities Not Connected

Upon moving into your new home, you discover that there is neither electricity or running water. This is probably the most prevalent relocation faux pas, therefore it’s best to avoid it. Take care to make contact with critical service providers. Internet and pay Tv hookups aren’t life-or-death necessities, so they can be further down the priority list.


Not Decluttering Before the Move

Not cleaning or clearing the former home before moving is another classic moving blunder. Donate unwanted items to a charity or sell them online to clear space in your home. You should get rid of as many unused or unnecessary goods as possible to make room in the removal truck for the essentials.

By clearing out the house, you’ll gain more packing space and reduce the number of boxes you’ll need, so saving money on the move. You and the moving crew will also appreciate the reduced chance of large boxes toppling over.

Our packing and wrapping services will also make the moving process a lot simpler.

Labeling Chaos

Labeling things is a crucial part of getting them in order. Labels, whether in colour code or numerical order, can make organisation much simpler for both you and the movers. There will be stacking of boxes within the vehicle, so be sure to label each side. It will be much easier to unload and unpack them in your new home.

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Failure to Measure Important Points

The size of your new home’s doors and any particularly large pieces of furniture should be known well in advance of your scheduled move-in. During a house viewing, measure and record the results. Your moving day will go much smoother, and any furniture that might be too big for the doors of your new home can be disassembled in advance.

Curtain and furniture measurements will give you a head start on your redesign before you’ve even unpacked. 

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Forgetting to Pack the Essentials Separately

We all make the same error while moving: we pack everything up in boxes. Even with the labels, it’s still annoying to have to dig through your bag to find something you need. If you fail to designate a specific box for necessities, you will regret it more than anything else you pack. Include in this box everything you and your family will need on your first day in your new house. It may include enough clothes for two days, hygiene items, food, and cooking implements to get by. Including any cleaning materials you’ll need to utilise at the new place before unpacking it all.

Leaving people in the dark about your new address

Don’t forget to update your contacts with your new address a few days before or after the big move. There are many people, from close friends and family to doctors and nurses, who will need to be informed of your new address.

Important documents could end up at the wrong address if you don’t update your contact information with service providers and redirect your mail. You will also need to notify your doctor and bank about the change.


Having Valuables at Risk

It is worth your time to plan ahead for how to pack your belongings securely, whether you need extra bubble wrap or padding for fragile items or a secure place to keep jewels and other valuables. It’s a good idea to get packing advice from the movers you hire, especially for packing up valuables. They make their living doing this, thus it’s in their best interest to ensure that clients’ possessions arrive safely at their final destination.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many people believe the old wives’ tale that it’s unfortunate to move into a new home on a Friday or Saturday because you won’t have time to unpack and settle in. But, these are some of the most popular moving days, so if you’re superstitious, you may want to look for greater availability the rest of the week and avoid the chance for ill luck.

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